America’s Sickness Industry Fighting America’s Wellness Industry

There’s a above action amid America’s “Sickness Industry”

and the “Wellness Industry.”

While alive, Saddam Hussein bragged about an accessible “mother

of all wars.”

He was wrong. The accurate “mother of all wars” will be the bread-and-butter

battle amid the Affection and Wellness industries.

The Affection Industry is the accepted constructed drugs and anaplasty

business. It tries to amusement and cure affection and disease.

The Wellness Industry uses a array of means to accumulate advantageous humans

healthy accomplish added humans healthy, and to abstain affection and disease.

Both abandon of this bread-and-butter war charge accomplished spokespersons, consultants,

advisors, writers, and speakers to action for people’s behavior and money.

Charles Dickens wrote “The Tale Of Two Cities” years ago. It is fiction,

but its artifice centered on times just afore The French Revolution, which

deposed the French monarchy.

Dickens declared that time this way: “It was the best of times, it was the

worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.”

What a alongside to the Affection Industry’s assuming delusions that it is

the baron of avant-garde medicine!

The medical monarchy, the Affection Industry, is challenged by Wellness

Industry–a best of times, affliction of times scenario.

Whenever a bearings brand this arises, the best way to anticipate the accuracy

is to chase the money trail.

Exactly why is the Affection Industry so abashed by Wellness and

Alternative Medicine?

United States healthcare costs, mostly by the Affection Industry, were

$1.7 abundance in 2003, seven times greater than 1980.

The Cato Institute letters that healthcare, as a allotment of GNP,

was 4.0% in 1950, leaping to 12% in 1990. It is 14% now, arresting

one dollar of every seven of GNP.

The American bloom affliction arrangement costs three times added than Canada

on a per capita basis.

For all of this Affection Industry spending, are we acceptable convalescent

and active longer?

Not really. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

The CIA “World Book Of Facts 2007” ranks the activity assumption in the

United States at 45th abode of 222 nations reported.

American activity assumption is 78.00 years, compared to 83.52 years

for aboriginal abode nation, Andorra–a 5.52 year difference.

Andorra spends alone 5.9% of GNP, compared to our 14%.

Is added and added GNP spending on Affection Industry “solutions”

inversely proportional to continued activity expectancy? I anticipate so.

Our Affection Industry spending shows that the law of abbreviating

returns is animate and well. In simple language, we pay too abundant to the

Sickness Industry for too little return.

Now let’s altercate the Wellness Revolution, best declared by Paul Zane

Pilzer’s writings. His a lot of contempo book is “The Wellness Revolution: How

to Accomplish A Fortune.”

He estimated Wellness spending was $200 billion in 2002 and $500 billion

in 2006. He forecasts that Wellness spending will abound to $1.0 abundance in

the next several years.

This abundance dollar assailment into the $1.7 abundance United States bloom

care arrangement is a lot of unwelcome–to put it mildly—by the Affection


Big Pharma is a huge arch accessible apostle of the Affection Industry, application

TV commercial heavily. Behind the blessed faces of actors in these TV

commercials, Big Pharma faces big time blahs, if not the banking “heartbreak

of psoriasis.”

A amount of their assisting patents expire aural the next three to four years.

Studies on new drugs accept been disappointing.

Wall Street is blame the Big Pharma companies to acquire added or to absorb into

three to four above firms, as the ample oil companies did.

Continuous acknowledged judgments don’t advice either, the latest getting a $19.5 actor

judgment payable in 26 states for claiming abominably that Oxycontin was not


The Affection Industry not alone is accident its stranglehold over our bloom affliction

system, but Wellness Industry challengers are starting to win big.

Let’s accumulate angry the acceptable action of Wellness!

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